Saturday, November 1, 2014

I am trying to clean the garage so that I can finish painting the floor and have a studio and I can't get there. I am so tired I might have slept two hours last night with tired sick boy saying every hour 'My ear hurts mommie.' Knowing that going to the ER on Halloween night is not in anyone's best interest I waited for an Urgent-Care morning. AND then put both boys to bed with "UP" and am now realizing my eyes are burning.  I am tired and I want to sit down and cry.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Coming Soon, a completed drawing book! and now then the beginning of something NEW!
I think the amazing thing about finishing a sketchbook is that I have not done this in YEARS! I have not completed much of anything, or so it feels. Except to completely run out of money. Which is sad. But a part of my world right now. However. Things are changing! Do you feel it? I'm ready! And the last picture from the sketchbook is of sweet Max in the hammock. Now I just finish coloring that and really truly! I finished a sketchbook! Well, gel pen therapy.
sucking the sweet nectar out of LIFE!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wonderful world of color. Practicing ways to say things.
Moving forward.
So, I was speaking with a new friend and she was pointing out the way that you need to have the confidence to do these things and why don't we have them. And, I think the answer comes down to, how come we don't know how to tap into them. So, we move slowly into these different spaces and figure things out as we go. So, we do have them, they are longer more sustainable types of confidence. Really I don't think so, but it was worth a shot. 
I know when I try to channel confidence I get a shock of excitement that makes me think, SHS 150! That's Super Human Strength. My friend Dave Ford and I made that up back in the late 90's but it stuck with me all this time. Right now I need some high vamped up SHS to create this mini summer camp art school, I have my heart set on. I think it is possible, I just need to feel confident in it.
In the mean time, let's finish the project at hand. Focus, do the recycled cd project and move forward.
It is possible and it needs some attention, love and devotion.
Here we go!
Vivir sin miedo.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gel Pen Therapy

OK, so for the last year and three months I have been without 
an art studio. In an effort to maintain sanity I have resorted to 
Gel Pen Therapy. Gel Pen therapy is a process of documenting
my life with gel pen drawings. Here are a random few which I 
tried to organize chronologically  but not successfully.

Part of this upsetting peri-moments include mood swings and so a low energy. Remembering the words of a kind nurse practitioner in college when I was at the Emma Goldman clinic in 1991, in Iowa City, IA who asked me, "How are you doing?" and I burst into tears, she said, you know, you might benefit from some B6 and B12 vitamins. With that in mind and a continual thing I go to throughout my life, well, the last 24 years… I buy Vit. B and feel better almost immediately. Now if only I did that all the time.

Crazy hot flashes. Never described really thoroughly to me by another woman. Holy Hot Hot Hot. Please, naked is not cool enough, especially with the heat! So, here is me stripping down to cool off. Makes me want to jump in a cold lake, please.

This is Max's water bottle. At night at least twice a night I hear, cup please, mommie, please. And I wake up, grab his water bottle give it to him and put it back. I wonder what it would e like to sleep through this like normal people. Oh, right, he would have to be sleeping in his own bed. We'll work on that.

This is Max's sweet face as we do a window good-bye. Max was staring a new school, and there is nothing like feeling like a real terrible parent seeing him look out the window for a window good-bye like the world is ending and how could you leave me. OF course, I find out he was fine and so on and so forth, but it is always me seeing him, this tiny person in this giant window looking big eyed, well he has big eyes, watching me drive away. It didn't help that he really didn't like school or the idea of school anyway. I sometimes think he's 15 years old not 3. 
Oh yeah, this is me getting the call that Max has been crying and needs me to come pick him up from school. Same school as the above picture! This school has been in action for at least 20 some years, so when I got the phone call, I knew it was bad! I mean people with this much experience know all the tricks and teach me tricks. So, I went picked him up and well, we went home!
I can't actually read the date of this drawing, but I know what I was doing. I use facebook as a way to connect with people and when I feel lonely. I see, what are all my friends in five cities I've left doing today? So, imagine my internal drama when I read my sister likes a fitness page that says, think before you eat…. I immediately think, I'm a hog, as I am messily eating a chocolate croissant trying not to get crumbs on the phone while chowing down. So I switched it to, "Think before you order…" And now I mostly get coffee at home, where chocolate croissants are not an option. Grum Grum grum!
Well this picture I know is from May 2013, which is out of order, but what it is about is that, I searched out this super cool preschool for Max. I was enchanted with it's creativity and awesome teacher and well, everything about it, and then realized that I really needed three days of full days to organize a life for myself. So, I had to pull him out of it. This is me, sad puppy, realizing life is forever changing right when you thought you had figured out one thing. 
A couple of my sisters watch tv and talk about different winners they cheer for on different programs and this is what I feel like. So you think you can draw! Get on it. keep drawing. 
ANd on that note, I'm going to go do a gel pen therapy and get on with it. Happy year of the horse! 2014! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

SA TA NA MA sa ta na ma sa ta na ma sa ta na ma sa ta na ma SA TA NA MA SA TA NA MA SA TA NA MA SA TA NA MA SA TA NA MA sa ta na ma sa ta na ma sa ta na ma sa ta na ma SA TA NA MA

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hide and Seek with Max.

Playing hide and seek with Max is always hilarious to me. Max is 2 1/2 now and he hides pretty much in the open not looking at you. In Mt. Tabor Park he hid here by this tree from his Pops. I threw the branches on top of him as he had crawled on top of them. It cracks me up. He laid there quietly for maybe 45 seconds.

Below Max is hiding by mistake. He completely blended in with the red tile wall and bike rack. Good look.

Here you can see Kevin's feet. Max's pops just got home from work and took off his shoes. Max is hiding in the kitchen under the table in plain sight. I love this. I will look for Max for days in plain sight. Kevin on the other hand... says flat out..."Max if I can see you. you aren't hidden." Huh. Realist.

I feel like I am hidden in plain sight too sometimes. There's something in the air around the world right now that makes me feel this way. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Maybe someone will find me! I hope so! Most likely I'll find something!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Landscape Loveliness
Before I moved from Vancouver, BC I created the curriculum for the 2012-2013 Outreach program called Van Go. Where you take the Van and Go to the schools. I didn't invent this program the wonderful art teaching genius, Maureen Proctor did and boy is it AWESOME!
The theme I picked for this year is Outside Inside Upside Down!
My fascination for kids outcries when things from outside came inside always made me laugh. And the fact that EVERY time I did landscapes with my classes of 15 they always turned out incredibly gorgeous. I think it's because no matter where you turn in Vancouver, British Columbia, you see an amazing picturescape. You see mountains down laneways, you see the ocean at the end of busy streets, you see giant trees beyond condos, it is stunningly gorgeous everywhere you look. One of my favorite quotes of a newspaper in Vancouver was, "Is Vancouver just another pretty face?" I often thought that when I biked around town. It's lovely. Well, the young artists who live there they know landscapes when it comes to waterfalls, trees and mountains, and so we went with it. I remember learning to do the sunset between two mountains when I was in grade three. I put it everywhere after I learned I loved it, so I wanted to pass that along to the kids and this is what happened! Enjoy!

Isn't it lovely? To help stop the spread of too much time on the computer, too much fear of the unknown, too much technology, just look at these amazing landscapes our young artists created in a 90 minute workshop. Incredible. Thank you Maureen Proctor, who now teaches the outreach again, and thank you Jessica Jang who assisted and is one of the artist that inspired this project, and thank you Sarah Van Snellenberg who took over Outreach too. I bet the paintings you are making are fabulous! And thank you Sarah Hoemberg for stepping up and being the number one assistant and paint mixer! And thank you Sara Whitney for always packing the van and making sure we had everything we could possibly want! And thank you Golnar Sepahi for making the boards that had all the artists on it! Thank you! I hope to be making such beauty happen again one day!