Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pancake Party

pancake party!

It's that time to have a pancake party again. This is a mini one, but a big whopper of a pancake eating arty is going  to happen for the end of summer blues! It's around the corner. YES! Here we go!

Love this photo from a book from when we were kids. But actually I got ht ebook at Thee Garage Sale in Milford, Iowa when visiting my folks, and I think the reason we never had this book when we were kids was because it wasn't very good. We did have, by the same author and photographer, Whey I Built the Boogle House, and I was kissed by a Seal at the Zoo. But sitting here after an exhausting day, and a paint filled night last night, I am too tiered to look up and find the names, so I give you the photo of the photo that I took when in Iowa. And now it is the image for, the Pancake Party!

See you there.
Wear the elastic pants! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This paintong is headed to BJ to live in Chicago! Actually, I got so excited packaging it, I wrapped it as a gift at the end! Thank You! I am so happy! 

Oh and that reminds me, if anyone else wants to buy a painting, let me know and you get extra art included as a bonus! Yeah! Fun fun fun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Siren Nation fundraiser Paint Your Art Out

Ok, crappy photos of some fun work I made for a fundraiser! I think yoga mats need tassels, assymetrical me, and yes, I'm wearing a moomoo! If you want to support a good cause buy them! $150 each, 1/2 to Siren Nation. ��

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I did it! I started painting in my BEAUTIFUL new stu stu studio! Vomiting Rainbows here! Ahhhhh. So lovely. So now, we begin the opening and scheduling of Tara's tiny Art Garage! YES!!!! here we go, I can't wait! OK, now let's get this rolling! Oh and I get to put on a grubby sweatshirt and finish painting the doors and trim. Love that. Owning the space, lace, face, grace, trace, pace, race, zace....

Friday, January 2, 2015

I feel like Max in his carseat on a a road trip. I'm stuck. I need to finish this and START MY ART SCHOOL!!! and making things! AHHHHHHHH1
I am stuck! OK. So, what I need to do to finish. Get all the crap in there to function. MOVE IN! What is the hold up? Look, it's beautiful, it's ready for me! It's patiently waiting for love and creation. SO MOVE IN! JUST MOVE IN! HOW HARD CAN IT BE????
I don't know what it is, like a giant wierd BLOCK! But really, that is it. I'm in there. All this hesitation and cowardice is over. The path is laid. I'm in. Talk to you later. Guys, I'm on it.

notice path above. yep, I hauled a ton of rock for that! Yep, I'm strong.

Oh and this floor? Yep it's painted. Not perfect but done. enough. and I like how it looks.

Oh and these measurements. They are what I want to put in there.Actually, 'll write them down now so when I shop I know the sizes. Thanks blog for helping me see my direction.

the table dimensions above

the idea. 

OK, now stop all this flaking faking and get it going on. 
begin again. 
Tara's Art Garage

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I am trying to clean the garage so that I can finish painting the floor and have a studio and I can't get there. I am so tired I might have slept two hours last night with tired sick boy saying every hour 'My ear hurts mommie.' Knowing that going to the ER on Halloween night is not in anyone's best interest I waited for an Urgent-Care morning. AND then put both boys to bed with "UP" and am now realizing my eyes are burning.  I am tired and I want to sit down and cry.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Coming Soon, a completed drawing book! and now then the beginning of something NEW!
I think the amazing thing about finishing a sketchbook is that I have not done this in YEARS! I have not completed much of anything, or so it feels. Except to completely run out of money. Which is sad. But a part of my world right now. However. Things are changing! Do you feel it? I'm ready! And the last picture from the sketchbook is of sweet Max in the hammock. Now I just finish coloring that and really truly! I finished a sketchbook! Well, gel pen therapy.
sucking the sweet nectar out of LIFE!!!!